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Chirine TARHOUNY, whose artist name is Syncope, is a cellist, producer and DJ.

After 7 years of classical music conservatory and 3 concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra, Syncope is moving towards Djing and computer-assisted music production.  She specializes in electronic music, although her performances are also inspired by classical music, film music and horror video games. 

She also began working as project manager and technical director for the New Generation Chamber Orchestra, with whom she created links between classical and electronic music in an innovative project "From Beethoven to DJing". She has also produced and scripted a documentary on this project herself. 

She also collaborated with the SMCQ -Society of Contemporary Music of Quebec, which allowed her to teach her love for electronic music to more than 900 children in Quebec, as she did in Paris for deaf people, but also in difficult social environments. 

Her goal as an artist is to use music to build bridges between different worlds and break down the social, political, cultural barriers that create differences between different social strata. Music is a weapon that Syncope does not hesitate to use. 

A committed feminist artist, she recently published a "Manifesto of the Female DJ" for PWFM (Provocative Wave for Music) which marks her place in the fight for human rights.


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