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Didier alias Deech, born and raised in 1973 in Belgium. In the past, he produced song for TV commercials, TV programs. So he literally grows up from the new beat time to the latest trends.

He is passionate about the aspect of music, but for sure, feeling good at what he does and if we can please others with what we like and do, why not sharing this.

Since over 30 years he had one of his best friends who was a DJ during the wild years of house, techno and of course Belgium clubs.

After some late night talks we decided to work together and just live our passion.... making and creating music.

And so we come at my best music crime partner : AKIM


Maïk alias Akim, born in 1970 in Belgium.


Since 1986 he has been a club DJ in Waregem (Belgium). He was always active in local pubs, and he was a long time resident DJ at the club: Carioca. When our town decided that clubs had to close down, he moved his skills to several national clubs where he was a DJ.


Our goal is mainly to test our own musical boundaries and not to be stuck to one specific music genre. Musical freedom is the key to diversity. Today we'll make a pumping techno track, tomorrow a future house track and maybe the day after tomorrow a trance track. In any case, there must be a soul or a feeling to be found in our music.




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